We have planned three luxury tree houses overlooking the jungle corridor and creeks on the back of the property. We expect each of these eco-friendly designs to exemplify the absolute best in creative architectural design, but we are incorporating several cutting edge technologies to reduce the impact we have on the local environment.

Just to give you a taste of what we are trying to accomplish with these tree houses we have listed a few features below. Detailed computer drawings will be on the site shortly.

    3 BR and 3 BA each
Luxury Bedding
Infinity edge pool (40 ft off the ground…pretty cool)
Leaf shaped Roof
Water entrapment system
In line water heating
Solar Power
Zero impact waste management system
Hanging bridges and walkways
Zip line to an observation deck
Jungle Canopy views (of course)

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The Falls at Manuel Antonio is the Costa Rica you expected.

Beautiful gardens teaming with life surround the villas and pool. More than a thousand plant varieties are on the property, including dozens of orchids, herbs and fruit trees. The lush gardens provide a home and shelter for seven types of hummingbirds, squirrel monkeys, white faced capuchins, basilisk lizards, sloths, parrots, toucans, and much more.

The gardenias, jasmine and other blooming flowers give each area its own special appeal while the palm trees, apple trees, and Guarumo trees draw animals from around the area. Visit our special part of the world and see the flowers that are the essence of the world´s best selling perfumes.

Learn about fruits and vegetables that are many times healthier than the traditional ones we see in the store. Roots, berries and leaves that have their own personality are captured in this botanical garden.

We look forward to seeing you here.

> More pictures of garden and falls...

Water fall in our Garden
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